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Expedtions: Talgarth, Wales - March 2006

by Mike Knell

The Black Mountains Gliding Club is located in Talgarth in the Black Mountains. I suppose that it should be described as a “hill-top” site although it is also at the foot of some spectacular ridges and is noted also for wave flying.

It is an all aerotow site on a grass field. You can choose which run to use for take-off, and where to land. Carl took off from the trailer park, with a slight side wind and Mike took off from the hedge directly into wind. Both landed uphill and with a side wind. The resulting ground run is short.

Anyone for Skiing?

Our intention was to take three aircraft and to stay all week. As it happened, the weather was poor for the week - but Carl Peters and Mike had a nice day with two flights of about 1.5 hours each.

Before flying there was a good briefing from CFI Don Puttock. I believe he thought that we would both do a long distance flight in one day – but this will be useful for future reference, While waiting on the ground, you are always well entertained by BMGC Members. There is a drink making facility, and snacks are always available.

The wind was from the North-West and their main ridge and many others will work in this direction. We also had the benefit of a gorgeous sunny day and thermals, in addition. The mountains had a covering of snow and the visibility was excellent. It was possible to flyout in the valley, using thermals and return to the ridge for a 2-3 knot climb. Sunlit Ridge
V17 at launch point
Sunlit Ridge
(Left) Mike in V17, waiting at the launch-point in front of Talgarth’s K13. Registration K13 - a good one for your logbook. This is a well-used K13 that has given BMGC many years of mountain flying. (Right) Picture of the sunlit ridge at Talgarth.