Interservices Regional Gliding Competition

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Competitions - Inter-Services

Interservices Regional Gliding Competition

Bannerdown is hosting the 2019 Competition from 3rd to 11th August - visit the competition website here!

Many of the club members at Bannerdown take part in various competitions throughout the summer soaring season. As an RAF GSA site, Keevil hosted the Inter-Services Regional Gliding Championships in 2009, 2010 and 1017.

RAF Wittering, home of Four Counties Gliding Club hosted the Inter-Services in 2011 and 2012. RAF Cosford, home of Wrekin Gliding Club hosted the competition in 2013,2014 and 2015

Inter-Services Regional Gliding Championhip 2018 Inter-Services Regional Gliding Championhip 2017 Inter-Services Regional Gliding Championhip 2010 Inter-Services Regional Gliding Championhip 2009

Competitions - Inter-Club League

After winning the regional competition in 2013, and competing well in 2014, Bannerdown also took part in the Interclub League in 2015.


Although the gliding at Bannerdown is great we like to travel to other parts of the country and world to experience something different. Select one of the links below to view one of the gliding expeditions from Bannerdown Gliding Club.